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Meet The Board

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Susan Dalnoky

Founding School Board Member

As a founding board member of Thrive Home School Academy (THSA), I have enjoyed employing the knowledge gained from my Bachelor of Arts in International Business, and my life-time of working in the government and private sectors, in stewarding this one-of-a kind school. My own children have successfully completed both home school and THSA through the 12th grade. While they have moved on to their careers, I remain committed to the mission of serving the students and families of the THSA community. 

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Amber King

School Board Member

I am Amber King, a parent of students at Thrive Home School Academy since the school began in 2009 and I am thrilled to now serve the school as a board member. Two of my children have finished their years at Thrive through the 12th grade and I have one more with plans to do the same. Our family has benefited greatly over the years from the academic opportunities, but most importantly, from the relationships we’ve formed with other families and the staff of the school. Our family treasures the experiences and relationships and I will fully support the mission, vision, and values of THSA as a member of the school board. Please see me as an advocate for the THSA community, but also as a homeschooling parent.

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Laura Fadenrecht

School Board Member

As a mom homeschooling her family for 20 years now, I make it a priority to advocate for parental choice in education for families. With students at Thrive HSA since 2016, I serve on the board to extend my advocacy for educational choice and to support school leadership in maintaining the values in which the school was founded. I find the balance between academic and social enrichment to be what works best for our family and they come along side us emphasizing character development while we maintain the freedom to embed our family’s value system. It’s a great place for kids and families and I am proud to serve the community as a board member. I have eight children and reside in Pueblo West where my farm animals exceed the number of my children. Having a degree in Gerontology, I’ve enjoyed a career as a Therapeutic Recreation Director the past 27 years for several nursing homes while simultaneously homeschooling my children with support from my husband. We do many things together as a family, but right now we spend our afternoons and evenings running our four boys to their various sports practices and enjoying the busyness of our lives together as we know this time is fleeting.

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MG Petersen

School Board Member

I consider it an honor and privilege to serve on the Board. THSA is a place worthy of my advocacy and I take this responsibility seriously. There are immense pressures and influences upon schools and as a board member, I seek to be a knowledgeable resource and clear voice to support the leadership team. After working in higher education as a career services director and starting my family, my leadership roles transitioned to supporting our church community and as a 4H leader. Although I have developed a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities over the years, my primary gifting remains organizing, educating, and inspiring people.

I love learning and I love teaching. As a parent I have greatly appreciated the hands-on oriented learning offered in every subject, it is in motion and dynamic. I have also appreciated the enrichment aspect of THSA. I turned to the school and community to offer an expanded version of something I could, as well as offer experiences I could not. Human beings are made and designed to work, and work involves being dynamic, creative, knowledgeable, and relational. Staying true to its mission allows THSA to remain relevant and serve an important role within the home school community. 

For Information related to board representation, please request the information below. 

School Board Guidance Document coming soon.


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