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Thrive Home School Academy exists to support and supplement the education of students being taught in a home-based environment. As the school continues to expand each year, attendance is an important component of activities, special events and funding. Therefore, we ask that the following attendance guidelines are observed throughout the academic year. Understandably, homeschooling families have a variety of activities which they participate. We ask that the following attendance guidelines be observed during the academic year. 


Fall Semester – September through December 

CDE Count Window 

Students need to attend as many days as possible during the Colorado Department of Education Count Window. The attendance data from September – October is submitted to the state of Colorado to establish funding of the school. Students deemed ineligible to fund as a result of insufficient attendance may become ineligible for continued enrollment at Thrive Home School Academy.  

It is imperative students attend consistently during these months.  


Spring Semester – January through May 

Students need to attend Thrive Home School Academy 75% of the time during the return from Winter Break to Spring Break (about 13 days). 75% of scheduled class time amounts to missing (4) school days during this period. 

Students not meeting the attendance criteria may become ineligible for participation in activities such as field trips, standardized testing, PPCC concurrent enrollment, and other special events.  


Overall Attendance Expectations 

Upon enrolling, it is expected students attend the entire day, exceptions being made for appointments and other events. Students are unable to select classes to attend in an “a la carte” manner. 

Notification from a parent or guardian is expected when the student will not be attending the school for an extended period of time. It is appreciated when the student will be absent for a day. 

If at any time a student is absent four (4) consecutive weeks, without notification from a parent or guardian, they will be disenrolled. 

Office Availability, Phone and Email Responses 

The Thrive Home School Academy office is open from 7:45-4:00 Monday-Friday, unless otherwise indicated on the website:    

Thrive HSA policy and professional courtesy requires staff respond to phone calls and emails within 48 work day hours, however, resolutions may require a longer response time. Email is the preferred and most efficient method of communication with the Thrive HSA staff. 


The website is consistently updated with recent events, newsletters and information regarding activities at the school. More information is available under the “Parents & Students” or “Programs” tabs. 



The Thrive Home School Academy office sends email notifications with important notices and events to any parent that has an email on file, unless otherwise specified. As email is the main form of communication, please provide your current email to the office. 


Occasionally, in addition to email, the office will send home paper handouts with your student(s). Please check with your student(s) on a weekly basis to ensure you are receiving the communication in a timely manner. 


Items with time sensitivity are emailed and reservations made on a first come – first served basis. Limits placed on a certain activities are necessary for space, budget or staff availability. Additionally, deadlines are often set for activities, i.e. field trips, Winter Celebration, ITBS, SAM Night. We ask parents to adhere to these deadlines as it allows us to properly prepare for events. 

Contact Us



The carpool lane winds from Cheyenne Meadow Rd, left on Florence, left on Slater to the front of the building. Pick-up is along Slater Avenue, just past the school building at the fenced gate (a staff member is always present to dismiss students).  


** Please be mindful of “No Parking” signs in front of and across the street from the school. Some of the neighbors park cars in their back yards and need access to exit their property. Additionally, we ask all parents to NOT park on Richards Avenue. 

Map of car pool procedures around the school.


Main Contact: Dara Gardner, Science Teacher Extraordinaire and Thrive Home School Academy's Activities Director 

An online sign up for after school activities is sent out at the beginning of each semester. Space is limited and students placed on a first come-first served basis. We will notify parents via email if their student(s) has a secured spot or is on the wait list for the club before the club schedule begins.  

Unless otherwise indicated by a staff member, students participating in after school activities will be dismissed to the appropriate classroom or area at 3:25. 

In order to maintain a safe environment after school, students are expected to remain with their club for the duration of the session (i.e. Fencing 3:30-4:30, Band 3:30-5:30).  

Students not participating in after school activities are expected to be picked up or leave campus immediately after school. Please make appropriate arrangements for your students if they have alternate plans.  


Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the school cafeteria. The district offers payment assistance to those who qualify. View Weekly menus HERE. Be sure to use the drop-down menu to find the right school.  Thrive Home School Academy, then select the appropriate week.


The district is recognized for their strides made to ensure meals are nutritious and healthy.  All recipes contain whole grain, no trans fats, lower sodium, and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The district offers payment assistance to those who qualify; please complete a Family Economic Survey to apply for a free or reduced meal plan. 

Missing/forgotten lunches that are not replaced or delivered by lunch time are supplemented with a hot lunch option at the parent’s expense. 


Breakfast and lunch are being offered at no cost to students for the rest of the school year.

Food cautions 

We have a large group of students with a variety of dietary needs. Please advise your students to be cautious of sharing food items as some students have severe allergies and /or diet restrictions. 


Students are asked to bring weather appropriate clothing as the majority of recesses and breaks are outside. Occasionally, due to inclement weather or outside temperatures below 25 degrees, students will have recess in the gymnasium. Students will have access to games, balls and other appropriate activities. 

Students are asked to abide by simple, easy to follow rules: 

-hands, feet, and body to ones’ self 

-be respectful of others 

Girl opening her lunchbox


Medications must be authorized by a primary care physician in order for a staff member to dispense them to any student. Medication must be delivered to Thrive Home School Academy in the original, unopened container with physician instructions listed on the medication. 


Students may not carry their own medication on campus, nor may they self-medicate. In exceptional circumstances, arrangements can be made for student medication to remain in the Thrive Home School Academy office for the duration of the school year. Please speak with the Principal for more information. 

All staff members are First Aid, CPR and medication-administration trained. These certifications are updated bi-annually. 


Lockdown, Lockout, Standard Response Protocol, Fire Alarm 

Each year we practice drills with all grade levels, Tuesday through Friday, to prepare for emergency situations. All students are trained in Colorado state and federal emergency preparedness procedures.  

Staff are trained thoroughly by Harrison School District 2 Security. Questions can be directed to the Principal of Thrive Home School Academy. 

District Security Information


Student safety is the District’s first priority in determining whether to close schools for inclement. When Harrison School District 2 (HSD2) announces a closure, it will be broadcast on local radio, TV stations, and HSD2’s website: between 5:30-6:30am. Please do not report to Thrive Home School Academy when HSD2 has announced a closure or an online learning day for its students. Only students participating in Model 2 Instruction are required to submit work online. 

If a two-hour delayed start is called, the following will occur: 

-No breakfast served at school 

-Classes will begin two hours later and end at the regularly scheduled time 

We respect the individual parent’s right to keep their child at home. If parents feel weather conditions are a threat to their child’s well-being, please notify the school and those absences or late arrivals will be excused. 


D2 - Harrison Schools are committed to a learning environment that is safe, conducive to high student achievement and free from unnecessary disruption. The District's dress code helps to establish a minimum standard of dress for all schools.  

It is expected that students follow the uniform guidelines for their school. Individual school principals may, on occasion or for personal consideration, use discretion to modify the guidelines.

The Following Clothing is Appropriate for School

  • Clothing that is worn as designed and covers all private parts of the body, to include midriffs and backs.

  • Clothing that fits properly and does not expose undergarments.

  • Clothing with appropriate length with hemlines no shorter than mid-thigh for shorts and skirts.

  • Clothing that is free of excessive holes, rips, and tears that expose private areas of the body or undergarments. 

  • Clothing that is part of an extra-curricular activity that has been approved by the building principal.

  • Clothing that has been approved by the building principal for specific school events. 

  • Clothing, paraphernalia and jewelry that contain appropriate messages, free of references to sexually suggestive activity, drugs, and alcohol, gangs, or are obscene and profane, hateful, or disruptive to the learning environment.



Thrive Home School Academy is committed to protecting students and staff from discrimination, bullying and harassing behaviors. Bullying is verbal or physical behavior that is intentional and targeted towards an individual or group. Bullying is ongoing and not an isolated incident. Bullying, hazing, intimidation, and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Thrive HSA, regardless of whether they occur verbally, on social media, off or school property or after school hours. Any student committing an act of harassment or bullying is subject to disciplinary action. Students should report bullying behavior immediately to a school staff member, the school principal, or call Safe2Tell at 1-877-542-SAFE.

Student Responsibilities

This code of conduct was developed to help students, parents/guardians and school personnel understand the guidelines for maintaining a safe learning and working environment. It is intended to provide guidance for all students in grades K-12.

District policies make it clear that behavior which takes place off of school grounds may properly be the subject of suspension or expulsion where the behavior is detrimental to the safety and welfare of other students or school personnel. Not all off-campus behavior will have adverse effects at school, but behavior which does, subjects a student to potential discipline, including suspension and expulsion. Furthermore, students who are disciplined for infractions according to the provision of this Code may also be subject to additional consequences by law enforcement for acts that violate local, state and federal law.




While on school grounds and in the school buildings; on district grounds or in district buildings; in school or district vehicles; during school sponsored activities, field trips and sporting events.


Students shall accept responsibility for their own behavior; develop and use problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts; follow established school and classroom rules; refrain from interfering with learning and teaching; maintain appropriate dress and hygiene; respect others and treat them with kindness; respect the rights and property of others; refrain from harming themselves or others; not use threats or intimidation against others; not engage in unlawful activities. Additionally, at Thrive we strive to create an environment in which all students and staff are appreciated and respected and expect that any religious, social, or political issues not be discussed at school, to include personal and romantic relationships with other students. At Thrive, we do not openly recognize those relationships while at school and restrict any public displays of affection on school property. Personal space is to be respected at all times with students and staff keeping their hands, feet, bodies, and objects to themselves during the school day. 



Participation in Extracurricular and School Sponsored Activities

School sponsored events and extracurricular activities are a privilege and those students who participate in these must follow all applicable laws and school-based behavior guidelines. Denial or forfeiture of extracurricular activities and participation in school sponsored events may be a consequence for inappropriate behavior. Any student who commits a discipline infraction may lose the right to participate in school sponsored events or extracurricular activities for up to one year. Furthermore, any student who is suspended or expelled from school will forfeit their right to participate throughout the suspension or expulsion period.

Personal Electronics in School

Students are expected to know and understand the acceptable uses of electronic devises at school, during academic time and during school-sponsored events. Students are prohibited from using devices, to include cell phones, during the school day. Students are permitted to use a cell phone after school only. If a student needs to contact a parent during the school day, they can come to the front office and use the school land line. If a parent needs to contact a student, please call the school at 719-579-2160. Students are not allowed at any time while on school property to have free use of their cell phones. Students demonstrating inappropriate uses of electronic devices are subject to disciplinary action, as well as confiscation of any device that is deemed disruptive to the school environment. Furthermore, students may not employ the photographic, video, or audio recording or reproduction of any student or staff person without their prior consent. This applies at all times while on school property or at school-sponsored events.

Kids studying at school
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